A guide to Tighnabruaich, Kames and the surrounding areas of the Cowal Peninsula.

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Home To The Kyles
Lyrics by Duncan McCrone/ Celly Paterson/Whitton

'Memories of many great times singing in Tighnabruaich at the Kyles of Bute Hotel made this song a must for the album.' — Stephen Quigg

There’s a place out in the west
Where my thoughts all come to rest
Rugged grandeur seen throughout the country side
Though I’ve travelled everywhere
There’s no heaven to compare
With that sleepy village nestling on the Clyde

Feast your eyes on beauties rare
Free for all the world to share
See the Kyles of Bute mid skies of hazy blue
Will you come along with me
To that haven by the sea
We’ll go back to Tighnabruaich you and I

Take the high road from Dunoon
On a sunny afternoon
At the crest the view brings life to weary eyes
Where the islands dot the sea
And the yachts glide in the breeze
Through the narrows to the waiting paradise

While the blackbird in the tree
Sings its haunting melody
How I wish that I could sing such songs for you
Will you come along with me
To that haven by the sea
We’ll go back to Tighnabruaich you and I

I found the Lyrics for the song on Scottish folk singer Stephen Quigg's web page. He has recorded the song on his Silver sands album and you can listen to a song preview on that page. His albums are also available through the Itunes Music Store. He has kindly granted me permission to reproduce his recording on this site.



Home to The Kyles was written by the late Celly Patterson, proprietor of the Royal Hotel and later the Ardeneden Bed and Breakfast in Tighnabruaich. It was recorded by the popular Scottish group "The Clydesiders". I recorded this off an old 45 prm single and it is scratchy. You can find a better rendition on iTunes look for their album The Waverley Collection.

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Clydesiders, Home to The Kyles)

Other renditions available include:

Ian Clark

Duncan McCrone

Valerie Dunbar

Valerie Dunbar on YouTube

The Igus Orchestra

Another song that mentions Tighnabruaich and the Kyles is Always Argyll. Written by Duncan McCrone (of The Clydesiders) and Jimmy Jamieson of Tighnabruaich supposedly afore emigrating to Australia. [more info] It's available on Itunes by Valerie Dunbar and is also featured on the Waverley Collection album by the Clydesiders.

I've seen the red sunset glow gold on Loch Fyne
Have I seen these strange wonders for the very last time
The bright lights of Tarbert are beckoning bright
In the shivering coldness of a dark winter's night.
The Kyles in their glory are spread out below
The high hills of Arran are white-capped with snow
I'll soon have to think of Australia as home
But the truth will be always Argyll.

Chorus: Always Argyll, always Argyll
Long will the memory linger
I'll soon have to think of Australia as home
but the truth will be always Argyll

High above Tighnabruaich I look out to sea
It will soon be no more than a memory to me
So I'll shed these few tears as my heart will allow
And maybe in time, I'll be happy somehow.
The thoughts of my childhood spin round in my mind
As I think of the beauty I'm leaving behind
When they ask where I come from, Australia I'll say
But the truth will be always Argyll.


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